GigaFrench is for dedicated students. The free multimedia fast track course right into the heart of French and the French people offers a refreshingly new approach to one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Your enthusiasm for exploring new worlds will finally meet up with efficiency. If you devote at least 30 minutes daily to serious study sessions, GigaFrench will be yours.

Of all language skills, reading is the crucial skill because everything else springs from that – writing is a direct result of reading, listening can be outsourced to almost effortless exercises, and speaking is the consequence of reading and listening. GigaFrench‘s focus is therefore on accelerating your transformation from a French illiterate to a French ”scholar”. Our goal: to put you into an orbit of independent reading as quickly as possible. Whatever your favourite subject is – biology, medicine, earth sciences, literature, economics, law, architecture, history, psychology, sociology, or any other topic – you’ll be able to read any text about it within months.

GigaFrench is free. In addition to the free PDF, you have free access to the website www.GigaFrench.com and all audio files.

Welcome to France, welcome to the French language!

Marie de France

3 Germinal 224 – 22 March 2016