Admission 1: Your Past

The first condition for using GigaFrench is your past language experience. GigaFrench will be invaluable for you if…

  1. You remember French from school (go directly to Admission 2).

GigaFrench will complete your knowledge with a vast range of subjects (God, climate change, abortion, junk food etc). New and powerful vocabulary will enable you to have passionate discussions with friends, family and colleagues.

  1. You learned French many years ago but feel that you have forgotten almost everything.

Things we’ve learned in the past never disappear. They leave traces in your brain you can quickly reactivate. GigaFrench will help you retrieve your past knowledge, explaining everything from the beginning, though progressing at a pace that is never boring. If you feel this is true for you, procede to Admission 2.

  1. You have never learned French before but you are Spanish, Portuguese or Italian or you are fluent in one of these languages.

French is a Romance language that descended primarily from Vulgar Latin – as did Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Rumanian. The differences between these languages are certainly important, but the similarities are more important yet. For example, if you are familiar with Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, you know or can guess the meaning of more than 7,000 French words. Grammar, too, has more similarities than differences. In other words: GigaFrench’s fast track approach will suit your needs and help you make quick progress. If you feel this is true for you, procede to Admission 2.

  1. You have never learned French before but you have learned English (because you are Chinese, Indian, Russian, Indonesian, Egyptian etc) and you are fluent in English.

As you have become fluent in English over the years, you know about the time scales, difficulties and pitfalls of learning a second or third language. With GigaFrench’s rationale and economic approach of French words and grammar, you will make extensive use of the language skills you have developed throughout your life. Go to Admission 2.

Don’t use GigaFrench if you are a native English speaker and have never learned another language. GigaFrench’s fast-track grammar presentation is too fast for you. We recommend you to use first other language manuals and come back later.