How to use the audio files

For each text, we recommend that you

  1. Download the corresponding audio file to your mobile device.
  2. Put your earphones on.
  3. Start the audio.
  4. Activate the replay button (or ‘loop button’) on your audio player that repeats the audio continuously.

While hearing the audio again and again (at first, you don’t need to listen attentively, just use the audio as ‘background music’), perform the following steps, either in this order or in any order you prefer:


  1. Read the English translation at least once.
  2. Read the word list at least once.
  3. Read the French text at least once.
  4. Close your eyes and listen to the audio until you understand every single word. Do some words still escape your understanding? Open your eyes again and read, then close your eyes again.

The last point is the most important one because you’ll probably need quite a few listening rounds – today, tomorrow, next week – until you can distinguish every single word! Don’t be surprised if you need to listen 10, 20 or even 50 times – such intense repetition is perfectly normal. In the meantime, check and re-check the word list until you know all the words (yes, 100%).

Find detailed information about training your ear in Chapter 2 of The Word Brain, page 23ff. Download the free 81-page PDF from


Best wishes,

Marie de France