Power Listening Benefits

1.1.7      The benefits of Power Listening

The “collateral” benefits of Power Listening are spectacularly surprising:

  1. Power Listening is always Power Reading. The new language is being pressed into your brain both via your ears and via your eyes with high pressure. (“Full volume on all channels!”)
  2. To understand the sound of a text you have to know all the words. Power Listening is therefore an excellent way to quickly learn French words.
  3. Listening to short portions of an audio file 50, 100 or more times will end up giving you an intuitive knowledge of important aspects of French grammar. You’ll certainly need to study a more complete French grammar later, but many rules you come across then will be very familiar. In any case, grammar will be easier and more pleasant.
  4. We recommend that you listen to the GigaFrench audios for a month or two and that you don’t speak. Give your brain time to absorb the correct pronunciation of single words and the characteristic French sound of sentences. If you begin to speak only after a few months of intense listening, you’ll have a more genuine French accent.