Learning French consists of three fairly distinct tasks:

  1. Memorizing words
  2. Studying grammar
  3. Listening to French sounds

The number of hours you will have to dedicate to each of these tasks are shown below.

Learning new words is the most intensive part of your language training. Most French words will enter your brain via your eyes, either by reading texts or studying word lists (see a Joker example).
Check the Words page for the details.


Studying grammar is about how words play together and how they change in agreement with time, person and gender. Surprisingly, mastering grammar requires less time than memorizing words or understanding human speech. We’ll show you the way in our unprecedented Turbo Master Class.


Is listening to people different from reading people’s writing? It is, because spoken language enters you brain via your ears. You’ll see later that this makes a huge difference.

The good news: only 100 of the 1000 hours indicated above are intense study hours. The remaining 900 hours can be dissolved within your daily life. See the details in our Power Listening Program.